Nano ASR Mosfet


Nano ASR Mosfet (Gate)

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Nano ASR Mosfet
Laatste generatie Mosfets.

Voor een snellere trigger response en beveiliging van de elektrische onderdelen van je AEG

Key functions


Do you want to achieve a higher rate of fire and faster trigger response? Are you planning a power upgrade of your rifle? In that case, you need a MOSFET.
It targets the energy from the battery directly to the motor, bypassing the mechanical trigger contacts. As a result, you gain a higher rate of fire of the rifle and a faster trigger response, and the contacts are protected against burn out.


We know how important reliability is on the battlefield. That’s why the unit has thermal protection. In tandem with a time-lag fuse, it fully protects your AEG installation.


This provides full compatibility with the micro-switches. It ensures full resistance to contact bounce (vibration). You gain a bigger ROF, a faster trigger response and your MOSFET is less prone to overheating.


The advent of modern transistors and microcontroller has enabled us to create the smallest and most reliable AEG Controller on the market.

Included in the kit:

  • NanoASR
  • Additional kit of Deans-T Connectors
  • Single signal wire for trigger contacts
  • Double signal wire for trigger contacts